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About Vanessa

Vanessa Garton


Mobile Phone: 214-762-9975

5015 Tracy St, Suite 102
Dallas TX 75205
Office Phone: (214) 521-7355


About Vanessa

After graduating from Southern Methodist University with an advertising major and a psychology minor, Vanessa worked in a fast paced advertising agency. Her experience in the advertising world has equipped her with valuable tools that she applies to the marketing of her client's properties. Growing up in a family where real estate investments and transactions were part of daily life, she became first intrigued and then passionate about pursuing a career in real estate.

Vanessa is people oriented and is driven by strong values. She enjoys helping people achieve their goals. Vanessa works hard and devotes the time needed to provide her clients with the care and attention they deserve.

If you are considering selling your present home or are in search of your dream one, contact her directly at (214) 762-9975 or