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Mike Bates


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About Mike

Mike Bates is a real estate agent at Allie Beth Allman & Associates in Dallas.

He’s what some might refer to as a classic “renaissance man,” an archetypal entrepreneur with a long string of business successes. And when it comes to real estate agents, that can a very good person to know. To understand Mike’s present, it’s important to recognize his past. He is from Abilene, a Texan by birth with a distinctive professional background.

“I’ve been called a ‘turn around guy’ by clients and the ‘guy who gets it done,’” he explains. “Usually while others are staring at their phones,” he adds with a laugh. It is that kind of determination that’s made Mike an indispensable resource for his clients. Educated in Texas, Mike graduated the University of North Texas with a double major in General Business and Hospitality Management.

“I began working in my family’s small manufacturing business as a machine operator before I could even drive.” Together he and his dad would join forces to build Mike’s very first car, which, as it turned out, was the beginning of a lifelong fascination. “Over the years, I have owned more than 300 cars,” he says. “I have five or 10 at any given time that I’m working on. In fact, I paid for my education working in hospitality and selling the cars that I rebuilt.”

While attending college, he also started buying and selling condos in Dallas’s Uptown district where he did basic work while living in the renovation projects. Mike’s life took a turn in 2004 when a realtor failed to show for a routine closing. As a result, he got his own license and promptly generated $4 million in sales through his first 9 months in the business. With his family, Mike purchased an assisted living facility, Serenity Estates located west of Fort Worth in Mineral Wells. It was renovated, opened in 2014, and still operates to this day.

The diverse qualities of Mike’s career provide for numerous strengths as a real estate agent. His experience as a general contractor, a deep understanding of the mechanics of homes, and direct access to skilled repair and craftspeople, plus an eye for detail, and knowledge about senior living issues provide tangible advantages to clients. He wakes up every morning determined to serve, which, he says, often means assisting with maintenance challenges and property issues that arise long after the sale. “I strive to take the stress out of owning property by consulting wisely on what best fits my clients and makes the most of their return on investments."

He joined Allie Beth Allman & Associates Real Estate in November of 2021 because he wanted to be a part of a quality team, one that enjoys the admiration of clients as well as competitors, recognized as the area’s premier brokerage.

Mike has lived in Oak Cliff with his husband, Ryan, of 23 years since 2005, “way before it was cool,” he chuckles. However, he works everywhere in Dallas-Fort Worth (as well as in Parker and Palo Pinto Counties), proud of the brand he’s carefully cultivated over the years, focused on experience, unique insights, and a sincere dedication to top-notch service. “When you call me, you get me … not an assistant,” he explains.

Over the years Mike has consistently been recognized for his work, honored time and again by D Best, Advocate Best, and others, as well as a top producer at competing firms prior to joining Allie Beth Allman & Associates. A concerned community advocate, he volunteers his time to organizations including North Texas Scottie Rescue, serving on their Board of Directors since 2016.