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About Karen

Karen Nelson


Mobile Phone: 972-741-4849

5015 Tracy St, Suite 102
Dallas TX 75205
Office Phone: (214) 521-7355


About Karen

Karen Nelson brings an unwavering commitment to service to every client she meets. Whether it’s guiding them through the transaction process or advising them on major decisions, she is there every step of the way.

Karen firmly believes that if you are going to do something, you might as well do it 100 percent. She brings with her an unparalleled drive to succeed and a lifelong passion for real estate and architecture.  Since her career began more than 20 years ago, she’s worked tirelessly to stay on top of the market’s evolving trends and provide value to those she serves.

As the mother of three children, including one with special needs, she can empathize with the stress that moving places on families. Few things bring her more joy than helping families find their ideal home. Since she has lived in Dallas for more than 35 years, Karen boasts personal and professional expertise as well as the connections required to succeed in today’s dynamic market.

Karen’s primary focus in the Dallas market includes Lakewood and surrounding neighborhoods in east Dallas as well as McKinney, Allen and Plano to the north.

While trends come and go, real estate success always comes back to service.  Karen Nelson understands that excellent service is the product of understanding each client’s needs and then meeting their expectations.  That philosophy has brought her many accolades and she remains committed to bringing that attitude to each client.