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About Jenny

Jenny Kellogg


Mobile Phone: 214-986-4112

6318 Gaston Ave, Suite 200
Dallas TX 75214
Office Phone: (214) 302-5780


About Jenny

In today's market, it's critical to have someone who has the ability to see all possibilities. Jenny Kellogg, who grew up with a family in the home building business, learned early that a good foundation or a great piece of dirt can turn into the perfect home for someone. Jenny has always had a passion for real estate and helping others. After years of doing sales in the corporate world, she and her husband decided to follow their passion and started Richland Renovations. This experience is a critical part of her strategy for pricing, negotiating and marketing. Jenny works with her clients to find a great neighborhood and many times offers options with their budget of building, remodeling or a long term plan for adding on to the home. Available 24/7, she is determined to meet the goals of her buyer or seller.

"There are so many ways for buyers to find exactly what they want if they are able to think outside of the traditional box," said Jenny. "So many of my clients don't have the vision for what a home can become and that is our bread and butter." Jenny will bring her builder husband along on showings and together they can show their clients the many possibilities for that house and also provide them with a realistic budget. In a world of DYI and Fixer Uppers Jenny loves that she is able to help clients with the vision to customize their homes to make it their own.

Richland Real Estate Group:

Jenny Kellogg and Emily Alfano form the Richland Real Estate Group, a small boutique real estate team dedicated to getting the job done. Hard work and integrity are at the forefront of their partnership. Knowing that today's clients want a luxury experience and a luxury home, Richland Real Estate Group gives them both. They are dedicated to their clients 24/7 (they mean it) and have access to the industry's top resources through sister company Richland Renovations, a Dallas-based residential design and renovation company. Jenny and Emily welcome all buyers and sellers, whether looking for a finished property or one that needs work, they have the expertise for all of your needs.