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Chris Pyle


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About Chris

Chris Pyle is a Dallas real estate veteran with over twenty years in the business and more than $750 million in sales to his credit.

A native Texan, Chris is passionate about his work. He says he enjoys the fact that real estate is so topical and routinely comes up in discussions beyond the workplace. “It’s an important element in any community fabric – being an expert in real estate makes me better connected to my community and provides a continual incentive for me to help others.”

Chris’s methodology for success is simple: “For me, it's a full-time, seven-day-a-week process. From the time I awaken to late hours, I’m focused on all my current transactions and listings, as well as prospects.” His schedule varies daily, even on an hourly basis, depending on the client’s needs. “One of my trade secrets is that I’m a chronic list-maker, which keeps me accountable throughout the day,” he smiles. He credits a devotion to consistent availability and dependability as the keys to his professionalism. “I’m resourceful and will find solutions to any issue real estate related,” he adds

The Park Cities and surrounding areas, Preston Hollow, Lakewood/East Dallas, Uptown/Downtown are all areas Chris knows intimately. “Live where you work, as I like to say,” he explains. “I also enjoy working with an even mix of buyers and sellers since I have significant expertise on both sides of the transaction.”

As far as specific real estate “superpowers,” Chris has substantial skills as a successful negotiator, which is at the top of his list. “Due to years of marketing experience, I have a clear understanding of what it takes to bring a home to market and maximize an owner’s exposure,” he says. Understanding all areas of Dallas and its distinctive regionalism is key when it comes to guiding buyers through such an important life decision. “I also have a successful track record of handling stressful situations in a calm, productive fashion, which is a valuable service to my clients,” says Chris.

As a senior vice president at Allie Beth Allman & Associates, Chris founded The Haven Group in 2007, which he successfully ran for many years. Then, on September 8, 2021, Chris and longtime Haven colleague Ashley Rasmussen took a bold new step when they formed The Rasmussen + Pyle Real Estate Group. He says the pair had discussed building the partnership over several years. But when they finally made it official, “It just made good sense.”

“Our new team is a partnership in which both of our names are prominent. In my two decades in real estate, it marks the first time to put my name on a brand. And I am proud to do this with Ashley.” He points to the pair’s similar styles, particularly when it comes to thoughtfully guiding buyers to the right decision. “Whether that is advertising, data analysis, or savvy marketing, in the process of the transaction or listing, our mission is to always put the client first,” Chris explains. “For Ashley and me, we’re not interested in growing beyond our bandwidth. We’re dedicated to making sure we are personally handling all our clients,” an attention to detail that is a defining hallmark of The Rasmussen + Pyle Real Estate Group.

Geographic proximity is another important element for the team: “I live in Preston Hollow, and Ashley’s in the Park Cities, thus we cover a lot of ground in terms of direct product knowledge.”