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About Caroline

Caroline Franklin


Mobile Phone: 405-706-0255

5015 Tracy St, Suite 102
Dallas TX 75205
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About Caroline

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Caroline carried on a longstanding family tradition and attended the University of Oklahoma where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and received a degree in Business Communications. Upon graduation, she moved to Dallas, TX to pursue work in client services and business development. Through her involvement and success in the corporate world, she has greatly expanded her network, both personally and professionally.  

Through her experience in client services, she understands the importance of putting your client’s interests above your own. Her experience in sales and business development has laid her strong foundation and understanding of the importance behind growing your network and remaining loyal to those relationships. She understands the power of negotiation and has the ability and tools to recognize a deal worth fighting for.

Caroline grew up in a world of residential real estate, with both her mother and aunt as realtors and named two of Oklahoma City’s top producers year after year. Caroline has been passionate about the industry for as long as she can remember and always knew real estate was “her calling”. She is an avid dog lover, particularly rescues, and when she’s not working, she’s most likely spending time with her friends, going on long walks, or “facetiming” with her family in Oklahoma. She is an active member of Highland Park United Methodist Church and has a passion for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, CASA and The Boys and Girls Club.