Real Estate Agent
Miguel Angel Ramirez is an Architectural Design Consultant certified in LEED AP for Homes.  Now adding "Realtor," to his business card, he aspires to help people find and purchase their dream homes.

From custom high-end homes to multifamily projects, Miguel's knowledge and design work spans all major architectural styles.  Born in Lima, Peru, he studied architecture in Seville, Spain, at a doctorate level, and worked in Rijswijk, Holland, designing museums.  He moved to Texas in 1989 and has since traveled to 44 countries.  His international studies and inspirations from world travel have been incorporated into unique residential and commercial building designs.  Miguel currently contracts with Richard Drummond Davis Architects, BMH As-Built USA, Loeb Architects, The NCI Group, LD Tebben Co, Cowden Architects and others.

He enjoys sharing his passion for design with others as well.  From 2008 to 2013 Miguel was an Adjunct Instructor at a local college where he was voted Instructor of The Year by the student body in 2012.

Miguel Ramirez

5015 Tracy St, Suite 102
Dallas, Texas 75205 United States