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I have been selling real estate for a number of years now. I have been a Top Producer in my Dallas office. I sell in Los Angeles,CA and also in Dallas,Tx with the main focus being in Texas. I specialize in selling contemporary/modern homes and working with new construction. Although, I love selling homes though no matter what the price or style of the home. I studied real estate at UCLA and worked in the entertainment field before developing a successful real estate career. I was fortunate to have my clients referred though all my entertainment contacts. I began the journey in Cali and then moved to Texas with the family a few years ago....

I believe in helping my clients find the home of their dreams. I love to see the smile that hits their eyes when they connect with a home that they love!. I always love to inspire my clients to obtain their goal...their heart within the city that they can connect with. I want to see them grow and cherish their home, and with fierce negotiating I will help them acheive the home that they have always wanted...
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Cliff Kessler

5015 Tracy Street Suite 102
Dallas, Texas 75205 United States