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A Legacy of Service with Legendary Results

Allie Beth Allman & Associates

37 years.png“Our legacy of leadership is in its third decade of trust, integrity, and results. Locally founded and managed, we are a major independent broker with premier national and global support. For us, quality is not a luxury. It is a necessity.”
— Allie Beth Allman, Executive Director and Founder

We live in the only major city in America not founded on a port or navigable river. Dallas was founded by entrepreneurs who created a culture of opportunity.

Our company culture of trust, integrity, and entrepreneurism solidifies our third decade of luxury leadership. We sell more in Dallas’ premier neighborhoods and in Dallas County than any competitor.

Our legendary local roots attracted acquisition by the largest provider of home ownership services in the nation, affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway, a world-respected brand. We are local and global. Our network is unsurpassed, including websites searched by more high-net-worth individuals.

Our new technology focus is access and comfort for clients. An algorithim can search for a 3BR/2B. Only a real estate agent can find your home. Data provides information. The complex, emotional homebuying process demands human intelligence, creativity, and connection.

A search for the right home is a search for the right relationship. Our team of entrepreneurs is known for accessibility, transparency, connection…and results.

For our clients, real estate is real life. A relationship is rare and real.

30 Years of Legendary Entrepreneurship


Allie Beth Allman makes first-ever home sale with Alicia and Tom Landry


Allman decides to turn her knack for selling into a career and becomes a Realtor with Hank Dickerson & Co.


Allman decides to start her own company, with help from husband Pierce Allman. Thus, Allie Beth Allman Real Estate was formed


In an expansion move, Allman sells company to Henry S. Miller


The Miller company merges with Coldwell Banker


Allman decides to reopen as an independent company, Allie Beth Allman & Associates


Allie Beth Allman & Associates becomes the first single-office residential firm in Dallas history to achieve $1 billion in sales


Allie Beth Allman & Associates completes the biggest single residential transaction in Dallas and Texas history


Warren Buffett’s real estate affiliate makes its first Texas acquisition, Allie Beth Allman & Associates


Allie Beth Allman & Associates, a Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate, completes the second-biggest single residential transaction in Dallas history


Allie Beth Allman & Associates closes year with $2 billion in sales, a first for the company


Allie Beth Allman & Associates closes year with $3.8 billion in sales, the highest in the company’s history