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Cliff Kessler

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In a recent move from the Los Angeles area I am pleased to be back serving the Dallas Community. I have lived everywhere in the US but was fortunate to spend many summers in Dallas. I always wanted to the chance to come back to the Lone Star State. Now after selling Luxury properties from Malibu to Hollywood I am able to establish business in Big D. Whenever I am working with a client I will use aggressive negotiating to create the highest level of success for my team. I will be available 24/7 to make sure all offers are solidified in a timely manner.

I believe in helping my clients find the home of the dreams. I love to see the smile that hits their eyes when they connect with a home that they love! I always love to inspire my clients to obtain their goal...their heart within the city that they can connect with. I want to see them grow and cherish their home, and with fierce negotiating I will help them achieve the home that they always wanted.

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Cliff Kessler

5015 Tracy Street Suite 102
Dallas, Texas 75205 United States