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For the past two decades the John Brosius and Debi Berg Team ( has delivered professional real estate representation to clients and customers across the finest neighborhoods in Dallas. We examine every transaction as an investment first and a very close second being a certain quality of lifestyle that is unique to every client and customer.

Keeping in mind that each home, each person is special and unique… we listen.

The sheer number of transactions we have negotiated and our ability to tap into several leading real estate attorneys in Dallas, coupled with sharp negotiating skills and detailed contract knowledge, immensely benefits the wide array of homeowners, buyers and investors we have guided over the years. This level of detail helps give us the expertise needed to find the perfect place that you will call home. You'll appreciate our full time dedication and responsiveness to your needs and our ability to negotiate the best outcome for your specific transaction. You will join a long line of people that have the comfort of knowing they invested well.

Having fitness goals in life is a large part of who we are, and our dedication to health and wellness permeates our fresh approach on how we interact and engage with our clients. Your real estate needs are paramount and deserve the level of commitment that comes from our dedicated team. We surround ourselves with a support staff second to none that is current on all aspects of this industry and is involved with your deal even before any contracts or agreements are signed. We take a proactive approach in marketing and selling your home, which makes it all seem simple and fun!

It is especially gratifying to have the opportunity to assist so many of our clients with multiple transactions over the years. We appreciate your trust in us with your referrals and will always continue to strive for the perfect transaction for you! This is our business, but it's your home.

People say we're different… we are!
Let's go!

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Debi Berg

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